Work Progress of Bhaktapur-Nagarkot-Sipaghat Road , Shailung Construction

Upgrading and Improvement of Bhaktapur-Nagarkot Section of Bhaktapur-Nagarkot-Sipaghat Road (15.76Km) are constructing by Shailung Construction Company is a company widely known name here in Nepal, as a leading Construction Company. The construction work is under the Department of Roads, Road Improvement and Development Project, Battisputali.

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Kathmandu Tarai Madhes fast track Road project

Roadway excavation, Roadway Embankment construction, Composite soil reinforcement System, Cross Drainage Structure and other Structure's Construction
EMPLOYER: Nepal Army, Kathmandu – Terai/Madhesh Fast Track [Expressway] Road Project
Funded: Government of Nepal
Contract Value: Rs. 933,352,103.69
Date of Agreement: 9 march 2018
Contractor: Sharma -Shailung Joint Venture

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Shailung Construction Company

Shailung is a company widely known name here in Nepal, as a leading construction company, as a hydropower company, as a company known for trading and many other joint venture companies. Shailung Construction Company has been the best in Road and Bridge Construction

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Warm Greetings & Welcome,

This is a great opportunity for us to communicate our services and key competitive strengths to you. Shailung Construction Company is a leading construction company of Nepal and a trendsetter for qualitative work

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