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Extension of Dholahity – Sunakothi – Chapagaun Road Project Progress

Work Progress of Shailung Construction Company Pvt. Ltd.(SCCPL) in Dholahity – Sunakothi – Chapagaun Road (Chainage: 0+000 to 3+200 Km) project work is going on with Kerb Stone used to allow motor vehicles to cross sidewalks at low speed, typically for driveways that need greater protection from vehicle traffic. The road construction work of the extension of Dholahity – Sunakothi – Chapagaun road (Chainage: 0+000 to 3+200 Km). The project is under the Department of Roads, Kathmandu Valley road improvement project, Kathmandu. The extension location is Dholahity – Sunakothi Section, Lalitpur, project handling by  Shailung construction, Khumaltar-15, Lalitpur. The scope of work is an extension of the road.

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