Shailung Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. is a leading well-known and well-established “A” class construction company in Nepal having over thirty four years of expertise in all kinds of construction and infrastructure development works as Shailung has been established with the aim of providing construction services within the field of Road, Bridge, Tunnels, Drainage, Irrigation, Water Supply, River Training, Building, Hydropower, Airport, and numerous industrial complexes. It’s ready to provide complete comprehensive construction services that handle the Civil Engineering and Structure work and strongly aware of the range of construction works as required by different departments with and under the Government of Nepal, Agencies as well as  Private sectors. Since the establishment of this company, it’s successfully completed large-scale infrastructure projects and emerged together of the best construction companies in Nepal.

It is in a position to supply completely comprehensive construction services that cover the civil engineering works together with electrical and hydropower. It’s well aware of the variety of construction works needed by completely different Departments and Agencies in Nepal.

Its parent company, a Shailung group, has 5 operating companies in five business sectors: Shailung Hydropower, Shailung Construction, Shailung Investment, Shailung Enterprises, and Shailung Agro. The Shailung group is one of Nepal’s largest, leading and most respected business conglomerates. It’s an independent multi-disciplinary construction company within the shape of limited liability with the Department of business and Construction Work.

It normally takes up works severally with challenge and endeavors to commence, execute, complete and maintain them as nominal to the satisfaction of the honored clients. Generally, it conjointly works as a lead partner and typically as Partner in a joint venture. Since the establishment of the company, it’s with success completed  different contracts like the Highway, Village Roads, Electrical Project, Building, Bridges etc.  under the Government of Nepal, National and International Agencies like

Message from Chairman

Warm Greetings & Welcome,

This is a key opportunity for us to communicate our services and key competitive strengths to you. Shailung Construction Company is a leading construction company of Nepal and a trendsetter for qualitative work within the predetermined timeframe with the help of competent resources that we mobilize for any assignment. we believe that we have successfully reached a stage of self-assurance, respect, and dignity within a short time period. Our pride is based on a competent human resource, solid financial standing and a team spirit that allows all to aspire for the same goal and dreams.

At Shailung Construction Company, whether executives, managers, engineers, regular employees or labors, all work with great expectations towards a strong, peaceful & prosperous future. We feel proud for company’s recognition in the field of infrastructure development of Nepal. The company is in a plan to extend its services to diversified areas and regions in the days to come.
We thank all those who have contributed to the development of Shailung Construction over the years and thank you for your interest in our company & look forward to working with you. We wish a very happy and prosperous time together.

Sharada Pd. Adhikari